Windows Indic Language TTS Beta Software

Hear2 Read TTS software runs on Windows 7 (with Service pack 1) and Windows 10.

What's New

12 Jan 2018 This update adds the ability to speak single letters as the user is typing new text and spell a word by using “Say prior/next character” keys. It installs the Visual Studio redistributable in silent mode, i.e., it does not prompt users with a dialog box with three options (install, repair and cancel).It always installs the necessary redistributable even if it already installed.

Step 1: Enter Your Information

We need your name and email address before the software can be downloaded. This will be used only for providing support including update information and gather feedback for product improvement. We will never use it for any other purpose.

Hear2Read base Engine includes an English female voice with Indian accent. This must be installed before installing Indic voices.

If you already have the base engine installed you can skip this step and proceed to the voice download page.

Step 2: Indicate Indic voice You Want to Use

Hear2Read voices that are used by the base engine can now be downloaded. Pick the voice you would like to test.

Gujarati Male
Hindi Male
Kannada Female
Marathi Male
Punjabi Female
Tamil Female
Telugu Male

Step 3: Install Files

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