Reading Without Seeing

"I have been using the tab[let] daily and the talk back facility is just awesome. Of course I do have a keyboard attached to it as it makes typing faster. I am now happy to learn the swipe technique and use the tab with much ease. As it is very convenient to use I now read all my stories on Go Read or Darwin Reader. I have started browsing the net and reading news. I wasn’t sure about news at first, but now I read a little bit of it. I have also started using Youtube. The best part is now I chat on What’s app with my friends. I feel extremely happy that I have this tab which helps me do so much and so fast. It has also helped me increase my knowledge."   — Nisha D'Souza, March, 2015
(5th Grade student at St. John's Universal School, Mumbai, India)

Our goal is to assist people with Visual Impairment (VI) to join the mainstream learning community. The VI population uses braille and human readers to develop language skills, especially in early childhood. The importance of braille is unquestionable; however, the visually impaired also need the ability to read all of the material available to people with normal sight. In addition to hard copy books, today we get digital information in form of email, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, websites, ebooks, Twitter® and Facebook®. Printing all of these in braille is neither practical nor timely.