Indian Language Text to Speech (TTS)

Hear2Read TTS is designed for Visually Impaired users that rely on NVDA (Non-Visual Desktop Access) to access digital content on Windows PCs.

Select one of the languages from the list below for a demo of Hear2Read TTS that generates natural human speech using Deep Neural Network models:

Bridging the Digital Divide for the Blind and Low Vision population using Text To Speech Assistive Technology.

Have you ever browsed the internet, our most basic need today - while blindfolded? You would say “what's the use”. For a Visually Impaired (VI) person, the crucible of information that is the internet is far out of reach without text to speech technology.

Everyone with a Smart Phone uses Text To Speech (TTS) software without even thinking about it for Navigation while driving or walking.

The same technology allows VI users to read electronic content by listening, hence the phrase “Reading without Seeing”. Text to Speech (TTS) options have been widely available for English and other western languages for more than a decade. With proper accessibility tools, people with Vision Impairment (VI) can be just as effective and productive as people with normal sight in most professional jobs, including banking, engineering and teaching.

Children learn best in their native language. We cannot expect Visually Impaired children to first learn English and then use the Text to Speech software to read books, news articles, do homework in English instead of their mother tongue spoken by their family & friends.

Hear2Read fills this void. Using open source Text to Speech technology, Hear2Read volunteers have released software for both Android devices and Windows PCs.

NVDA allows blind and vision impaired people to access and interact with the Windows operating system and many third party Windows applications.

Where can I find the Hear2Read Addon for NVDA

Using Hear2Read Text to Speech on Windows 10/11 PCs with NVDA

Hear2Read TTS for Android Devices

Hear2Read TTS using Statistical Parametric Synthesis (SPS) generated speech is available on Android devices. Hear a demo of these voices on the Text to Speech Demo page.

Where can I find Hear2Read voices for Android

How do I use Hear2Read TTS

Hear2Read Text to Speech (TTS) software provides a background service to convert text to speech. It can be used by any TTS-enabled App to "Read" by listening. The most common Apps that use Text to Speech software are Screen Reading Apps or eBook readers. eBook readers allow navigation within a book by chapter, page number, or bookmark, and word searches.

To find out how to download and use the Hear2Read Text to Speech software read these articles.

Using Hear2Read Text to Speech on Android Devices

Thanks to the generosity of our partners (volunteers and doners) who have supported the project since 2013, Hear2Read Apps are free to use without Ads or purchases.