NVDA Addon for Indian Language Text to Speech (TTS)

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Next Generation (NG) Text To Speech (TTS) for Indian Languages

The Next Generation (NG) TTS engine uses Deep Neural Network algorithm to generate natural (human) sounding speech for Assamese, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Odia and Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu.

Advisory: NVDA 2024.1 Users

NVDA addons are required specifiy the latest NVDA version supported by the addon. The Hear2Read addon on your PC specifies the earlier version and NVDA gives an incompatibility warning. This will be fixed when Hear2Read installer is next updated.

In the meantime, to override the incompatible Addon warning do the following:

  • Select Addon Store in the Tools Menu.
  • On The Addon Store screen, select Hear2Read NG voices.
  • Click on the Actions button in the righthand panel.
  • Select Enable from the dropdown menu
  • Close the Addon Store screen and restart NVDA if prompted to.

If you would like to use the Original Hear2Read TTS (it uses Statistical Parametric Synthesis) with NVDA, it is available here.

Sanskrit TTS is supported by the Original Hear2Read TTS.